Holland Lift präsentiert 3 neue Maschinen auf der Bauma 2016

Nominated parallel-hybrid technology

Holland Lift will present its parallel-hybrid technology (nominated IAPA Award 2016, innovative technology) at Bauma, launching the HL-220 H25 and HL-190 H20. This technology uses a diesel engine coupled to an electric motor. Both engines work together in optimal condition to drive the hydraulic system. They can either be used together or the electric motor can operate in stand-alone mode. The total power available in a parallel hybrid powertrain makes the Holland Lift hybrid technology second to none. This minimises emissions and reduces fuel consumption by up to 40%. This hybrid technology is also used in the prizewinning HL-275 H25 (IAPA product of the year 2015). All three machines will be shown at BAUMA 2016.

A modular concept for tailored efficiency

Moreover, Holland Lift will launch new scissor lifts in a complete line with smart models at the Bauma: The HL-160 and the HL-190. These machines are the ultimate answer to overall efficiency. The concept is simple: a standard system with various options to match your clients’ requirements. The complete line exists of 6 basics to be customized; 16 or 19m high, both with electric, diesel or hybrid motor. The scissor lifts in this new line have attractive exploitation costs and a high return on investment. Needless to say that Holland Lift quality, safety and durability are as always part of the deal. Holland Lift provides a high quality machine that in every configuration has the same look and feel for customers.

Of course, Holland lift also puts the HL-330 (nominated product of the year 2016) on show. The world’s highest scissor lift with only 1.4 m width is the perfect solution for narrow workplaces. The demand for this high reach, narrow and stable scissor lift is extensive, due to the large warehouses all over Europe spurred on by the exponential growth of online shopping and the need to have logistics facilities close to the market.

Holland Lift International has its booth at FS 1101/9.

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